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Sample Cases of Plagiarism

The revolution of ICT has made information dissemination faster and easier. However, this also led to the increase in number of those people who violate other’s intellectual property by lifting information from a source without properly acknowledging the latter.

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Some people, especially students, do not consider plagiarism as a serious matter since it is not a criminal act under the Philippine laws. However, when one is proven to have committed plagiarism, the effects are even worse than being imprisoned. It may not be punishable under national laws, but it is considered as an act of dishonesty that is punishable under the rules and regulations of other social institutions, and it is also a violation of the ethical-moral principles the society holds. Thus, a plagiarist will not face the court, but s/he will suffer from the lynching gazes of the people s/he cheated – his.her unacknowledged sources and readers.

Here are some of the highly publicized plagiarism cases in the country, which shows how plagiarism is sanctioned in the society.

The Case of Associate Justice Mariano C. del Castillo

Last year, the magistrate faced a plagiarism case when he wrote the court’s rulings on the case filed by Filipino women, who were used as sex slaves during World War II, against Japan. The decision contained passages that are directly lifted from foreign materials without acknowledgement. After reviewing the case, the Supreme Court absolved him, but he received criticisms from scholars, professionals, and students all over the archipelago. Moreover, the case jeopardized the integrity and credibility not just of the associate justice, but of the entire Supreme Court.

The Case of Krip Yuson

Just last April, Krip Yuson, a multi-awarded and well-respected author, was accused by a blogger of committing plagiarism. It was said that one sports article which Yuson wrote for a magazine contained passages that are copy-pasted from an article on GMA News Online. Yuson later on admitted the charges.

Student Cases

Even students are sanctioned when they are proven to commit plagiarism. In the University of the Philippines, for instance, there have been students who were expelled from the university due to plagiarism cases. There was even a time when a graduate student was stripped of his degree or title because he plagiarized some parts of his thesis.

These are just some of the plagiarism cases in the country. The plagiarists were not punished by law, but they received the sanction that was due to them – failed mark, suspension, expulsion, termination, and the worst, criticisms.


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