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10 Summer Job Search Tips for Students

Summer is the longest regular break in a student’s life, the period when s/he can just rest in the house, or learn something new, or perhaps the most productive and most difficult of all, earn for a living.

A summer job search can be like finding regular employment. Stiff competition requires an aspirant young employee to make himself/herself more competent.

Here are some ways on how to prepare for summer employment:

Identify what you are good at.

List down the skills that you think you have, from the foreign languages that you can speak to softwares that you are proficient at.

Prepare your resume.

One of the most important pointers in writing one’s resume is to make sure that it highlights the fields you’re good at. Make sure you know the essential parts of the resume. A quick Google search can lead you to a thousand tips in doing so as well as sample templates.


Check out part-time/freelance work or internship opportunities from job hunting sites as well as your chosen companies. Also, inform your parents and friends that you are on a job hunt. This way, they can also help you in searching for one. Universities and colleges often have job fairs specifically intended to hire interns and trainees.

Practice interview with friends.

The job interview sets the company’s first impression on you, so make sure you look and ‘speak’ the part. Knowing possible questions can also help. Practice with your friends and have them give you feedback.

Consider putting up your own business.

Study your work options carefully. If you cannot seem to find one that suits your passion, why not consider setting up your own small business? If the capital or resource needed is something you or your family can manage, being an entrepreneur is the best job experience of all!

Learn and enjoy.

Learn as much as you can and use every bit of opportunity to practice your skills. Remember, this summer job can be a valuable addition to your resume. 

Being employed with an incredible earning can be tempting, but if you plan to succeed in the long run, don’t give up the opportunity to learn in school with earning money. Having the education that you need provides a solid foundation for long-term success. So if you plan to continue your work, make sure that you balance it well with your school requirements.


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