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Motivating Oneself to Learn

It’s your long-awaited summer break. It’s that time once again to learn, do things you were too busy to take care of during school days. But the question is, how motivated are you to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills?

Here are four general tips on how to discover your specific drives to learn:

Convince yourself

Give yourself a reason on why you should learn NOW. Develop a mindset towards learning. List down the pros and cons of rising up early to learn another skill and slugging through the whole summer “relaxing”. It’s also important for you to realize that you can do it. Time nowadays is so precious that even a few hours can enable you to learn and even earn extra income. The capability of the Internet has demonstrated that we can go beyond the limits of time. What more with a two-month worth of time on your side?

Pick the course you really like

Pay careful attention in choosing the course that you'll be taking. One of the best courses to learn right now is technology particularly the web. Threatening oneself of time wasted is one thing, but ultimately it can be the intrinsic factor of the newly acquired knowledge or skill that will drive you to it. Create a bucket list of the things you really want to learn and pick AT MOST TWO. Remember, it's not the quantity of subjects that makes you competent; it's the practical depth (or expertise) of what you know.

Learn with someone

This may not apply with all individuals as some learn better when alone. But if you’re one of those who get inspired better with a companion, ask a friend or an acquaintance who will accompany you through learning. He/She may even become your personal tutor or teacher. But of course, choose the right companion, someone who has discipline and the expertise, someone who will drive you back when you fail and appreciate you when you succeed. Learning is more enjoyable when you know that it’s also dual-purpose; you gain a friend or strengthen your relationship with other people.

Reward yourself

At the end of the course and you believe you've gained enough, and you know you’ve enjoyed doing so, buy yourself a camera if you want to extend your photography skills or travel to the best surfing destination to try out your new tricks. In most cases, though a material reward can also be fulfilling, learning is in itself the gold. But don’t stop here. As you learn how to learn,you develop the hunger for more. It ultimately opens a world of unlimited possibilities in harnessing your full human potential.


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