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How to Stop Summer Brain Drain

Summer is the time for students as well as school teachers to loosen up and have some fun.  Take note, however, that long vacations without any learning activities can make students lose up to 60% of what they have learned in school, i.e. summer brain drain.

Here are some ways to make the summer vacation interesting and enjoyable without having to stop learning.

Enroll in a summer camp/workshop

There are several types of summer camps, from music camps, writing camps to cooking camps. There are also organizations which offer summer workshops in Information Technology, Sports, Personality Development, and many others. You can also try out libraries which have summer workshops for storytelling, puppet making, arts and crafts activities. Joining activities like these will not only provide opportunities to learn but also provide opportunities to meet new people.

Read interesting collections of books/articles

You can visit the library and borrow books for free or if you have the budget, you can buy newly released books from bookstores. If you have internet connections, you can also find e-books and articles worth spending your time on. Reading interesting books/articles during the summer break will not only add up more information but it will also keep your mind working. You can make it more interesting by creating discussion groups or online fora.

Write a journal/diary

Start writing a daily journal or diary of the events in your life or any topic that interests you a lot. Blogging is very popular nowadays. You can create your own blogging site where you can fill it out with all your journal works on different topics of your interest. With the usage of internet and social networking sites, you can easily disseminate your thoughts. This will certainly develop your communication capabilities as well as your reasoning.

Seek events that will engage the usage of the mind

During summer vacation, there will certainly be events that will let you learn new things. Seminars, fairs, talks or just simple group meetings are just some of the examples. Attending or participating in such events will also improve your social skills.


Studies show that exercising can improve memory and learning. It doesn’t have to be overly tiring; a regular brisk walk can help stimulate the mind. To be motivated, you can try visiting local attractions where learning can be more fun like the zoo, museum, a play, etc. If these are just a few blocks away, you can walk your way to the place.

Always remember: Keep your mind running so as not to stop learning.


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