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The Importance of a Good Resume

Some people tend to forget or neglect the value of a good resume. Some think that as long as they submitted their resumes, they will be considered for the job.

Truth of the matter is, good resumes are read while bad resumes are thrown into the trash can. So in reality, bad resumes are actually not being considered at all. This is why every applicant should strive to learn how to write a perfect resume.

A good resume catches the employers’ attention and provides information about the applicant and his accomplishments in the most concise manner. Such resume is important because of the following reasons:

Sells the applicant to the employer

A good resume markets the relevant skills, accomplishments, and academic and professional history of the applicant.

Ticket for the interview

Through a good resume, the employer will be encouraged to know the applicant better; thus, call him for an interview.

Sets good impression

Remember that first impressions last. If your resume is strikingly good, future employers will be encouraged to utilize and develop what the applicant has.

Tells the applicant who he is

Through a good resume, an applicant will also be able to see who and where he is. This could help him set goals and plans that would make him a better and more successful person.

In a nutshell, a good resume does not just help you land your dream job. It could also help you find yourself and be what you want to be. So make sure to produce a good resume in applying for a job. Make it concise, readable, and make sure that it has the following:

1. Objective that is specific and that suits the job you are applying for;
2. Personal information including your name, address, and contact information (never mind the age);
3. Education and other qualifications such as training attended;
4. Employment history that are relevant and that which are presented in a chronological manner, from the most recent;
5. Key skills that are required in the job; and,
6. Interests or other hobbies that would be helpful in the job you are trying to land.


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