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10 Common Resume Mistakes

When a person is writing his/her resume, s/he is crafting the perfect key that will open the doors of opportunities for him/her. However, many people do not recognize this as a matter of fact. Sometimes, if not most of the time, applicants take resume writing for granted. They write without thinking and they think that they will be interviewed no matter.

Truth is, this is not the case. Resumes are actually the first part of the screening process. If future employers notice mistakes, signs of negligence, and disinterestedness in your resume, it would then be easy for them to throw it into the trash bin. The unfortunate thing is that once future employers acquire your resume, you can never get it back to correct your mistakes.

To help you avoid resume-related issues, avoid the following mistakes commonly committed by applicants:


1. Unocused - Generalized resume is a no-no. There should be one resume for every job. The career objective, profile, skills, and accomplishments in your resume should be specific to the job you are applying for.

2. Markets duties instead of accomplishments. - Your resume should sell you and your accomplishments. Make sure to put all your RELEVANT achievements and skills and focus on what you can do for the company, not on what you are supposed to do.

3. Hides important skills. - Identify your skills that relevant to the job and put them on the first page of your resume, not on the last.

4. Lacks important contents. - Aside from your accomplishments and relevant skills, remember to put your contact information, too. Also, remember to put the dates for the items listed in your resume.

5. Unprofessional email address. - If you are applying for a job, change your email address or create a new account. No employer would want to see a resume from

6. References are included. - Provide references ONLY if employers asked. In such case, put references on a separate sheet of paper.


1. Typos and grammatical errors. - Always check for these.

2. Uses template. - Write your resume to suit the job opening and to reflect your personality. A resume from a template reflects nothing but lack of originality and creativity.

3. Unreadable format. - Do not make your resume and eyesore. Do not use different font style, color, and size.

4. Long paragraphs. - These will make your resume dull and employers bored. To make your resume an easy-read, use bullets instead.

5. Repetitive words. - Use words that are appropriate with the job you are applying for, but do not use a single adjective or verb all over your resume.

6. Using abbreviations or acronyms. - A resume is a formal document so follow the rules in formal writing.


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