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Video Editing for Dummies: Top 10 Video Editing Effects

Are you ready to hit that video editing timeline? As you progress with your project, you might realize that your footages are not enough for you to finish that video. You need editing effects.

Here are ten of the best editing effects used commonly in movies, shows, AVPS, documentaries and more.


This refers to the circular effect it gives on videos. You can use it to give emphasis on an item in your video or give your video project that old fashion style.

Fade In & Fade Out

Professional video projects always have a fade in at the start of the show and fade out in the end. You could use this editing effect to give your viewers a feeling of a beginning and an ending.

Slow Motion

This effect can be on a wide scale, from romantic scenes to funny antics.  Examine your footages and know where to place it.

Old Movie

An effect that adds ‘noise, shake and dusts’ to your footage.Generally used as to convey a nostalgic feeling, this may also be used to cover up your ‘dirty or shaky’ camera.

Fast Motion

Want to convey how time flies fast? This effect is for you. Get your tripod and shot a view of the sunset amidst the busy city and put this effect.


This works well for montages or transition effects. Just avoid using it for scenes that are too busy.

Split Screen

This effect shows you two videos at once, recommended for showing multiple viewpoints.

Black and White

If you want drama and nostalgia, use this effect, or to hide the unpleasant color of your video camera.


Do you have problem with two videos abruptly stopping at one point? Here’s the effect for you. Create a smooth transition for these two videos so the viewers won’t notice the mistake. 


This effect puts black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, to give your video a widescreen or panoramic effect.



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