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Eco Guidelines for the Eco Cadets

Congratulations!  Since you are reading this right now, it means that you are officially recruited as one of the new Eco Cadets of the Eco Lifestyle Campaign.  You have been accepted since possess the following qualifications: (1) you are human and (2) you are living in planet Earth.

Now, Eco Cadet, you are in charge of this mission: save planet Earth.

Follow these guidelines to fulfill your assignment:

1. Save water. Make sure to tightly close faucets when not in use. Shower faster and close the faucet when you brush your teeth.

2. Completely turn off all appliances when not in use. Do not just put them on standby because they still consume electricity at that mode.

3. Throw away garbage wisely. Check if what you are throwing cannot be reused or recycled before shooting them in the trash bin. Also, dispose your garbage properly, following the labels such as biodegradable, non-biodegradable, plastics and the like.

4. When shopping, bring your own bag to lessen the plastic bags you use for carrying the things you buy.

5. Print only enough copies and as much as possible use both sides of the paper. You can also use the other side of the printed paper for scratch work or drafting your projects.

6. Exercise a bit by walking or biking instead of driving whenever you travel short distances. You can also have a carpool with your friends if you’re traveling to far places.

7. Eat more veggies and fruits and less meat to lessen your carbon footprint. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals that keep us fit and healthy.

8. Bring your own lunch in reusable containers to lessen the plastic and styro wastes.

9. Rent or buy used books.

10. Support ecofriendly products.

One last reminder: Spread the word about the Eco Lifestyle Campaign.

You’re all set, Eco Cadet! Don’t forget to inform your friends about our mission. Tell them that everyone is an Eco Cadet, and we need everyone’s help to fulfill our mission. Let’s do our best!


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