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Are you Eco-Friendly?

Nobody wants to see this planet perish, for this is our only home. However, we must do our part in keeping Mother Earth healthy.

So, are you doing yours? Find out through this simple quiz.

1. Would you rather shop in:
          a. Grocery: everything’s there, and it’s more convenient
          b. Farmers’ market: all fresh goodies!

2. If you will print your homemade reviewer, would you:
          a. Print on one side of the paper. I can afford the paper anyway.
          b. Print on both sides of the paper. Less paper, less weight.

3. Do you:
          a. Leave the charger plug regardless of the presence of the device; anyway you’ll always go back and charge later on
          b. Plug your charger only when you are charging your phone/laptop/camera

4. After reading the daily broadsheet, do you:
          a. Just throw it away or burn it
          b. Stack it in a pile and sell them to the junk shop

5. When going out to have group meetings, are you more inclined to:
          a. Just buy some instant snack from a fast food restaurant. Bringing my own lunch is bothersome.
          b. Have your own packed lunch in a reusable container. It’s homemade, and you won’t have to throw away anything.

6. When you brush your teeth do you:
          a. Keep the faucet open since you’ll use the water anyway.
          b. Use a cup of water for gargling and keep the faucet closed.

7. When going to seminars or other events, would you rather:
          a. Take your own car or ride a cab for convenience
          b. Call your friends and invite them to have a carpool to the place

Did you have more A’s than B’s? Then sadly, you need to revise your habit. An ecofriendly life is not something you attain overnight, but you must do at least one green act a day.

If you answered more B’s than A’s, then congratulations! You are off to a good start to green living! Keep it up!


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