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Students vs. Pollution: Let the Battle Begin!

Before industrialization, the Earth was a clean and healthy place to live in. While we get to benefit from machines, technology, and other modern developments to make work or living better, our environment pays the price.

Now that we experience more calamities and environment-related disasters, we all need to do our share to save and conserve our natural resources. As students, you can do something in the battle against pollution. Here are simple tips that you can follow:

No littering!

Big or small litter can cause clogging of drainage systems when they accumulate. If you throw your trash in bodies of water, not only will it affect the natural flow of water, fishes may also mistake them for food.

Segregate your garbage.

Biodegradable ones can be turned into good fertilizers and the non-biodegradable ones can be reused, recycled, sold to junkshops or disposed properly.

Carry a bag whenever you go shopping or buying your groceries.

This will help you lessen the plastic you accumulate. An alternative is to reuse the plastic bags you get from your shopping sprees. Plastics contribute a major part in land and water pollution.

Know the products you use.

Some household cleaning products and other commercial products that have become a part of our daily lives may contain harmful chemicals. As much as possible, encourage your family and friends to support eco-friendly products which do not contain harmful chemicals.

Eat organic food.

Not only are they healthier to eat, buying organic food lessens the need for chemicals fertilizers and processed foods which contribute harmful waste and pollution.

Plant a tree.

Though it may take years before the seed/seedling you planted becomes a full-grown tree, we need to start somewhere. Encourage your friends and family to participate in tree planting activities.

Use electricity wisely.

Whenever possible, use renewable energy sources.

Walk, ride a bike or join a carpool.

When burned, diesel and other kinds of fossil fuels are converted into fumes that cause air pollution.

Change your habits.

Live healthy. Go green!

All these, backed with consistent effort and strong conviction, truly complete the formula to win the battle against pollution.


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