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Philippines: No to Environmental Problems

The Philippines is home to many nature’s wonders. However, most of them are in danger as they reap the negative effects of many harmful and careless activities.

While we are nowhere near eradicating our environmental woes, it is worth knowing what exactly the environmental problems we are facing today are and what are being done to address them.

Illegal Logging

Desks and chairs made of confiscated illegally cut wood are now being produced for public schools in Laguna. All thanks to  the DENR, DILG, Laguna provincial government, provincial police office and the Philippine Army’s raids in Cavinti, Kalayaan, Paete and Famy in Laguna where they seized 100, 000 board feet of lumber last April 13. The raids are part of local government’s program Oplan Berde (Boost our Environment Reserves for Development of our Ecosystem) against illegal logging.

DENR has been donating illegally cut wood to schools instead of auctioning them off to prevent illegal loggers from getting the confiscated wood. By doing so, this also helps stop the practice of illegal forest products acquisition. This effort has been ongoing since 2010.

Plastic Garbage

One of the country’s pressing problems is the unregulated use and disposal of plastics. In response to this, Pasay City’s EcoWaste coalition presented Boy Bayong, the mascot for ecological and sustainable lifestyle. Boy Bayong encourages locals to reduce pollution by switching to reusable bags and containers, in the hope of reducing the usage of plastic bags.

Disastrous Typhoons

We have all observed and even experienced how the typhoons of today have become more disastrous than those from decades ago. Unfortunately, experience has not always been the best teacher for our country, and most of the cities and provinces in the country are still not equipped to face these catastrophes.

In line with this, Smart Communications initiated the Strengthening Disaster Preparedness of Southern Leyte to help a high-risk province like Southern Leyte to be more prepared and be able to respond properly to natural disasters.

These are just some of the environmental problems present in our country. It is not yet too late for us to act on them, and we should not turn a blind eye on these issues. Let us not further increase and worsen the problems but rather help solve them in our ways.


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