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How Can the Philippines Prepare for Climate Change?

The Philippines is a tropical country along the path of typhoons and is also one of the countries on the Ring of Fire; making both storms and earthquakes regular catastrophes to the archipelago. It is no surprise then that the Philippines holds a record of around 801 deaths per year due to weather-related disasters that costs the country around US$660 million every year.

December 2011 Climate Risk Index states that less developed countries like the Philippines are more vulnerable to climate change than industrialized countries.

Although knowledge is power, simply knowing that we live in a country that is largely affected by climate change does not solve anything, unless we act on what we know. For most of us who do not hold significant positions in the government or organizations directly acting on the matter, the situation may seem to be a hopeless scenario that we can only watch from afar. However, we, as citizens of this country, are as responsible for our environment and we can take part in protecting, nurturing it.  

Here are some tips on how we can help in the battle against climate change:

• Promote the green lifestyle. Plant vegetables in our own garden and backyard.
• Support tree-planting and tree-protecting programs.
• Support local farmers’ markets. Not only are we provided with fresh products, but by buying from them we also encourage them to plant more and nurture our agriculture more.
• Use and promote recycled products.
• Use technology wisely. For example, teleconferencing is a more convenient way of conducting meetings than flying. Airplanes have high carbon emissions.
• Similarly, walk or use a bike whenever you can, instead of driving.
• To minimize the impact of drought, we can build cisterns (water tank) in our homes to catch rain water.
• Whenever possible, support renewable energy sources.
• Use energy-friendly lighting systems like LED. They may be more expensive but their energy-saving and long shelf-life features help the environment.
• Always turn off and unplug unused appliances when not in use.
• Support Earth Hour, an annual worldwide campaign by WorlWide Fund (WWF) that encourages everyone to switch off non-essential lights for one hour. It seeks to raise awareness regarding climate change. p


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