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  • CNHS Scientists at Work

    Aileen C. Ibañez
    Cagayan National High School

    Einstein’s tribe triumphantly increased as the students of Cagayan National High School (CNHS) science classes took part in the annual Science Fair. Researches and investigatory projects were showcased during the activity.

    It is interesting to note that at such a young age, the budding scientists recognize the significance of research in improving lives. Through their studies, they have learned the scientific and systematic data gathering and experimentation procedures. Such tedious and complicated methods and studies are truly relevant to the present needs of the Filipinos.

    Take for example malunggay seed extracts for anti-bacterial soap; achuete leaves extract and corn silk extract as medicinal ointment; antimicrobial property of seaweeds are just some of their projects.

    Furthermore, the students were encouraged and empowered to explore the community for resources that are readily available. Through this, they were able to utilize materials that are found in the locality. With their ingenuity and creativity, they came up with projects that may prove to be beneficial to the country later on.

    Indeed, the students’ enthusiasm is contagious as they proudly mount their colorful display boards for students and teachers to see. They have made a thorough study, and are confident as they stood in front of the judges. The results were truly impressive as the researchers spoke like seasoned scientists during their presentation.

    The Science Fair is indeed an excellent avenue for students to appreciate science. It is an opportunity to sow new ideas and seeds of great inventions and innovations in the future. But more importantly, the Science Fair instills in the students the passion for learning by trying out novel ideas.  This is essential in a more complex classroom called LIFE.

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  • 10 Best Websites for Students

    When was the last time you went to your school library? Do you know the Dewey Decimal Library Classification System?

    Nowadays, with the advent of technological innovations, students might give an “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know” for an answer to the questions above. Today, only a few students still go to the library for their researches. And most of them choose to just tap on their keyboards and wait for the search engine’s result.

    By providing a pool of up-to-date and wide-range of information, the Internet has dramatically attracted students who are conducting researches or who are encountering some academic problems. Indeed, now that we are living in the Internet Age, students prefer to do their homework and conduct their researches in the comfort of their own household. There is actually nothing inherently wrong with such. However, students must be wary since not all information found on the internet is accurate and valid. The Wikipedia, for instance, is a very popular online encyclopedia for students. It is true that it provides updated information because it can be edited by any member-user, anytime. But that actually is the problem. Wikipedia is a wiki – anyone can enter any information into the system anytime. This means that you cannot perfectly be sure about the validity of the information Wikipedia provides.

    Thus, in order to maximize the benefits of the Internet innovations without compromising the credibility of your work, you should acquire your data from reputable and reliable sources.

    Below are the 10 Best websites students can use for their research and any other school work.

    Math and Science

    1. -  a free site that provides lessons, exercises, games, and tips on mathematics-related subjects like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics

    2.  provides detailed answers to many science questions. It also provides science-related news articles, tips on school projects, and unit conversion tables.

    3. - answers questions that are related to electronics, automobiles, sciences, entertainment, and basically anything under the sun’s radar

    4. - helps students with their difficult math problems. Just type your problem statement and the site will give you the answer together with the correct steps.

    English and History

    5. - helps students with foreign language problems. The site can convert many different languages.

    6. - a social networking site that encourages its members to help improve the foreign language skills of one another

    7. - provides a variety of book summaries that could help you understand better the book you are reading

    Research and Other Learning Materials

    8. - site for downloading electronic books for free if the book you need is lost or if you cannot find the material you need in your school library

    9. - provides electronic copies of documents you need. You can download the files and upload a file to share it to the community as well.

    10. - a place where users share all kinds of data they have. You can download what you want and share any file if you want to.

    These are just 10 of the great and reliable websites students can visit to help them in their school work. There a lot more on the internet. Enjoy your research!


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  • The power of determination

    By Ruel B. Bacalso Jr.
    Student, New Ormoc City National High School
    Ormoc City, Leyte

    Because of poverty, many students nowadays need to work and earn money to pay for their education. At their young age, they have to go through the hardship of making ends meet. However, to those who truly strive, the challenges that underprivileged students face are blessings in disguise. Students who need to work to pay for their tuition fees are more likely to succeed as they give more value and importance to their education and they consider education as the fruit of their perseverance and determination.

    Princess Vie Manulat, a student of New Ormoc City National High School, is one of the many students who have to worry about paying for their education. Her father, a tricycle driver, and her mother, a housewife, even had to ask her not to pursue college because their family does not have enough money to support her education. But giving up is not in Princess’ vocabulary. She is determined to finish her studies and is doing everything she can to fulfill her dreams.

    A cheerful and friendly lady, Princess is able to face challenges with a smile. To earn money, she sells snacks in our school. My classmates and I do not have to go out during recess because her chair is like our class’ sari-sari (variety) store. She uses the money she earns for her school project expenses.

    Despite her family’s financial problems, she never loses her focus in her studies. She is a consistent top student, an officer of the Supreme Student Government, and a member of the Red Cross Youth. She has always wanted to have their own house and to see her three siblings succeed in their chosen fields in the future. These dreams drive her passion for education.

    Struggling with the fear of not being able to get to college due to financial problems, Princess is applying for scholarships in various universities. At present, she is waiting for the results of the scholarship exams and is praying hard for a slot in a university.

    Princess believes that with determination and strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, everything can be achieved. Indeed, problems come not to cripple us but to make us better persons.

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  • Passing the torch

    By Princess Juneire M. Peligro
    Student, Agusan National High School
    Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

    Kudos to the graduates of Agusan National High School (NHS) for the school year 2009-2010! It must feel fulfilling to finally receive your diplomas after all the hard work you put into your academic and co-curricular activities. A chapter in your lives has now ended and a new one is starting to unfold.

    Among this year’s graduates, there is one person whom I think has made an impact on the lives of Agusan NHS teachers and students. He is a model student who always lends a helping hand whenever he can. He is always generous and is always willing to share his knowledge and skills to his fellow students.

    Lawrence Anatalio is one of the most outstanding students of Batch 2010. He is smart, hardworking, and responsible. He has represented our school in various school competitions nationwide. His valuable contributions also helped Agusan NHS bag several awards in the Smart Schools Program contests and Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge.

    Although he has already graduated, Lawrence still visits Agusan NHS to help teachers and students. He was one of our guest speakers in the 5-day seminar on Web page design and image editing that was held recently in our school. He trained more than 30 students and teachers.

    Lawrence is a model student and he inspires me in many ways. I want to become like him and follow his path so that I can be a successful student as well. Many of my classmates have also been inspired by Lawrence and we all thank Lawrence for passing us the torch of knowledge and values.

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  • Prayers and hard work

    By Rizza Mae A. Padon
    Student, Coron School of Fisheries
    Coron, Palawan

    Her hearty laugh may make one think that she is just a child, fearless and carefree. But look into her eyes and listen to her speak and you would know that this lady has a lot of wise things to say.

    Mishael M. Bagona, or Ate Missy, is the photographer of The Calamian Fishers, our school publication. She ranked 6th place in the recently concluded National School Press Conference (NSPC) under the Photojournalism category. The secret to her success? A lot of prayers and hard work.

    “In the NSPC, my photography skills and camera were put to the test but the real challenge was keeping my faith and self-motivation,” says Ate Missy of her experience in the contest.

    Ate Missy fell ill during the NSPC competition but she did not give up. Every now and then, she would have nausea and stomachaches due to motion sickness. “My success is little of me, and a lot of God’s work. During the contest, I was feeling weak. Even the ten-minute ride from the contest venue to the shooting area made me feel sick. But God heard my prayers and gave me the strength to keep on. I also know that my family, classmates, and teachers were praying for me and I didn’t want to let them down.”

    Ate Missy also revealed that she got a bit intimidated by the other contestants. They seemed more experienced and they had advanced cameras. Determined to give pride to her school, Ate Missy overcame her worries and sickness and focused on her shots.

    The Coron School of Fisheries family is very proud of Ate Missy not only for her achievements but also for her faith and courage. Through her, we learned that skills, determination, and a lot of prayers make up the best formula for success.

    That’s why we call her ate (big sister) --- Ate Missy.

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  • A beautiful lady inside and out

    By Maria Teresa Macasinag
    Teacher, Baguio City National High School – Loakan
    Loakan Proper, Baguio City

    How do you feel after committing a mistake?

    “Just like any normal person I feel remorseful but of course I don’t dwell on remorse. We are all capable of making up for our mistakes. Just like a pencil was made with an eraser primarily so that it can correct or undo whatever error it may have written,” answered Jessica Allen Salvaleon, a student and pride of Baguio City National High School Loakan Annex (BCNHSLA)

    Impressing the judges and the crowd, Jessica bested 13 candidates in the 2008 Search for Mr. and Ms. Foundation, a beauty and talent pageant held during the BCNHS Foundation Day. Jessica won the Ms. Foundation crown and was also given the Best in School Uniform and Ms. Photogenic awards.

    Jessica’s success was a very pleasant surprise for BCNHSLA because our mother school had always dominated the pageant. Her triumph is even more significant because it marks Loakan Annex’ complete autonomy from Baguio City NHS Main.

    Loakan Annex is very proud of Jessica for she is a beautiful lady inside and out. Her jovial personality, charisma, and intellect are the reasons why her fellow students and teachers admire her. Believing that making good friendships is the best achievement anyone can have, Jessica is always cheerful and helpful and has a lot of friends. She is always humble and down-to-earth.

    Aside from being the campus beauty queen, Jessica is also a member of the Journalism Class and a staff writer for Mil-an Echo, the BCNHSLA publication. She also has strong interest in music.

    When asked what real beauty means, Jessica answered, “Real beauty comes from attitude and personality. Physical appearance does not matter. It is good attitude which will radiate and make you shine.”

    And it is this outlook in life that Jessica continues to shine and be an example to her fellow students.

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  • An epitome of a student leader

    By Carlos C. Catalan Jr.
    Supreme Student Government Adviser
    Agusan National High School
    Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

    Zarah Donna S. Domingo is a head-turner. Her beautiful face and confident posture makes her stand out in a crowd. What makes Zarah even more admirable is her personality --- the gem that makes her shine inside out.

    As the adviser of our school’s Supreme Student Government (SSG), I have the responsibility to mine and hone students’ leadership skills. I always ask my students, “What kind of student leaders do we want to have?”

    When Zarah won the SSG presidency last year, she became a perfect example of what kind of student leader our school should have.

    Zarah’s first project was “Share a Book.” She initiated this project for she believes that education is the foundation of a good future. She wanted to ensure that younger students, whom she considers as her small brothers and sisters, are given proper support. The Agusan National High School (ANHS) student body donated books and other learning materials to some elementary schools in the community.

    Our SSG president also showed compassion for the elderly. Under her leadership, the SSG organized an outreach and feeding activity for the lolos and lolas in the community elderly home.

    Helping people is indeed very close to Zarah’s heart. She coordinated with a private company to solicit sponsorship for the SSG’s feeding program. The area where the feeding activity was held is near a dumpsite but Zarah and the SSG officers did not seem to mind the dire condition of the place. They were all happy to see the children eat their first ever hamburger and spaghetti meal.

    Zarah’s ability to lead and her humility to serve others inspire ANHS students to do their part for their school and the community. During the school intramurals, everyone was busy that the committee was not able to clean the area where the “Mutya ng Isports” will be held. Without thinking twice, Zarah grabbed a broom and started cleaning. Impressed by her act, everyone else helped Zarah clean the area and they worked together to make the intramurals a successful one.

    Zarah graduated salutatorian last March. She was also given the Noli de Castro Exemplary Leadership award and was one of the recipients of the 5th Pambansang Gawad sa Ulirang Kabataan award of the Department of Education.

    Zarah’s legacy – the gems of love, compassion, leadership that she shared --- will continue and will always be remembered by ANHS for she is truly an epitome of a student leader.

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  • A Real Model Student

    By Lance Leander L. Cembrano
    Student, Agusan National High School
    Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte

    As a young student, I am observant of the people around me. I’ve been searching for a person befitting the title “Model Student.” In school, I meet different kinds of people. However, only few uphold the values and characteristics which I look for in a real model student.

    In my search for the real model student, one classmate caught my attention. Neil Lisondra is an average student but he stands out. He may not always be on the top of the honor list but he maintains an impressive scholastic standing. In class, he does his work quietly and patiently. He is always friendly and helpful to those who need to catch up with our lessons. He is smart, responsible, and kind.

    A student truly worth emulating.

    For me, a model student is not just academically talented. More importantly, he is also an exemplar of good values.  A model student possesses kindness, patience, and good leadership skills. I may be young but I can tell whether someone is sincere or not. When one strives to become a better person, he finds ways to do so. He performs all that he needs to do, and does it well. Not because he is told to do so, but because he sincerely wants to put excellence in everything he does. A real model student is like that. He does everything with brilliance and he inspires others to do the same.

    I think all students should aim to become a model student, just like Neil Lisondra.

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  • Braving the consequences

    By Dina G. Leaño
    Student, Baguio City National High School – Loakan Annex
    Loakan Proper, Baguio City

    Reynatess Malit, a senior student of Baguio City National High School Loakan Annex, is a friend I admire. She is amiable and is a good friend to everyone. She can easily mingle with people and she is very helpful. When Reynatess sees that a friend has a problem, she will offer to help right away. Even when she’s busy, she’d still make time to listen to her friends and comfort them.

    But Reynatess’ life is not an easy one. At a young age, she had already faced trying times and learned how to amend her mistakes. Out of peer pressure, she once joined an illegal fraternity and was lured into gang troubles. A certain period of her life terribly affected her studies and almost destroyed her future. Fortunately, Reynatess was able to gather her courage and triumph over that test. She regained her peaceful life and focused on her studies.

    Another challenge which Reynatess had to deal with was teenage parenting. Bearing a child is truly a big responsibility, especially she was still in school. When she gave birth to her son, she still continued to go to school. “I want to give my son a bright future and I want my family to be proud of me that’s why I would finish my studies whatever happens,” Reynatess said. She never loses hope because her family is always supportive of her. Because of her experiences, she has matured gracefully. We are really proud of her and we salute her for being a responsible and a loving mother.

    Reynatess is really an admirable person. She is now 18 years old and is happy and contented with what she had become --- a responsible person and a good mother to her son.

    Reynatess once told me, “You cannot undo what you had done in the past. What you can do today is to face the consequences of your actions with high hopes and your chin up.” Indeed, Reynatess held her head up high and stood up to life.

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  • “Studentspirational”

    By Dina G. Leaño
    Student, Baguio City National High School – Loakan Annex
    Loakan Proper, Baguio City

    “You shouldn’t allow anything to block your way to the zenith. Determination and perseverance are what you need to overcome your problems.”

    This adage drives Janette Ladyong’s dreams and goals in life. Janette is a 20-year old senior student at Baguio City National High School – Loakan Annex (BCNHSLA).

    A native of Tabuk, Kalinga, Janette came to Baguio City to continue her studies. Janette suffers from asthma and because of this, her physical activities, including going to school, are limited. Her ailment greatly affects her studies. She often misses classes because she always needs to be hospitalized whenever she gets asthma attacks. This is why she had to retake some classes.

    ”This disease really deprives me of doing activities which healthy people can do,” Janette says. ”When I have asthma attacks, all I can do is pray to the Almighty God.”

    But despite her ailment, Janette strives to finish school and enjoy her life. Janette gets her inspiration from her loving parents, relatives, friends, and teachers. Because of their support, Janette vows to never give up and to finish her studies. Now that she’s in her senior year, she wants to thank all the people who supported and are continuously supporting her in her battle against asthma, in her inspiring journey through life.

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