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What Does It Take To Be An Outstanding Teacher?

by Smart Schools

Each of us could probably have his own favorite teacher – that teacher who touches and inspires one’s life and makes a student dream, excel, and succeed. Our teachers can affect our character. Thanks to Metrobank Foundation, Inc.’s (MBFI) Search for Outstanding Teachers (SOT), exemplary teachers are given a fitting tribute for their hard work, commitment, and outstanding performance.

Since its launching in 1985, MBFI’s SOT has been according recognition to the outstanding teachers of the Philippines. But how does MBFI choose the roster? What does it take to receive the title of being an outstanding teacher?

2010 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Teachers. Mrs. Nancy S. Aquino of Mlang Pilot Elementary School; Mrs. Conchita A. Ibarondo of San Antonio Elementary School; Mrs. Miladith B. Polutan of Oroquieta City Central Elementary School; Mrs. Grace U. Salvatus of Municipal Sector Elementary School; Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara of University of the Philippines-Diliman; Metrobank Founder and Group Chairman Dr. George S. K. Ty; His Excellency President Benigno Aquino III; Dr. Raymund C. Sison of De La Salle University; Mrs. Janeth Morata-Fuentes of Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Eastern Visayas Campus; Mrs. Mercidita S. Villamayor of Bukidnon State University-Secondary School Laboratory; Mrs. Estrelita A. Peña of Kabasalan National High School; and Mrs. Mercelita J. Labial of Xavier University High School.

Read along to have an idea on how the 2010 MBFI Outstanding Teachers earned the said award.

Mrs. Grace U. Salvatus

Teacher Grace introduced Project GRACE (Guided Reading Activity for Comprehension Enrichment) to address nonreaders. She envisions able readers as young leaders serving as mentors to their peers.

Mrs. Miladith B. Polutan

Teacher Miladith has been teaching students with special needs since 1996 and she established the Oroquieta Parents Advocate for Children with Disabilities. This organization engages parents, the academe, the government, NGOs, and other institutions in addressing issues regarding responsible parenthood to children with special needs.

Mrs. Conchita A. Ibarondo

Teacher Conchita introduced several innovative teaching approaches like the Eclectic Method of Teaching. And through her research and hard work, she was able to improve the comprehension and reading skills of her pupils who are non-readers and slow learners belonging to low socio-economic status.

Mrs. Nancy S. Aquino

Teacher Nancy “reaches and teaches” even beyond the four walls of the classroom. Aside from her innovations like Every Child a Math Enthusiast, Vocabulary Building Enrichment Activities, and Enhancing Handwriting Program, she also reaches out to and educates out-of-school-youths through ELSA IR2 ALS (Education, Livelihood and Skills Alliance Intermediate Result 2 Alternative Learning System).

Mrs. Janeth Moratha-Fuentes

Teacher Janeth is instrumental in the creation of an enhanced research program of the Philippine Science High School-Eastern Visayas Campus. Also, under her supervision, students have won regional, national, and international science fair competitions like the 2010 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in California, USA and the RITS Super Science Fair in Kyoto, Japan.

Mrs. Merciditas S. Villamayor

Professor Villamayor has produced helpful instructional materials and workbooks in mathematics and she has conducted researches ranging from identifying teaching styles preferred by students to policy recommendations on improving the learning environment for students. She has also used her knowledge and expertise to help the people and the government units in their locality.

Mrs. Estrelita A. Peña

Teacher Estrelita is one of those teachers in Mindanao who show profound commitment to their profession despite peace and order issues in their area. She founded the SAGIP-A-STUDENT Drop-Out Reduction Advocacy Association, Inc. – an organization that aims to reduce the high incidence of student drop-outs in her school. The organization also spearheads programs and activities that aim to develop education in the community. Its projects have also been adopted by 64 schools and are now being benchmarked by other DepEd Divisions.

Mrs. Mercelita J. Labial

Teacher Mercelita is one of those who adopted the use of technological advancements in the classroom. She influenced her co-teachers to shift from the traditional to a constructivist approach of teaching. She also implements the Literacy Program for the Advancement of DSWD Girls (LIPAD) in Cagayan de Oro City – a literacy program for young girls who were victims of rape, abandonment, and other types of abuses who are under the custody of DSWD.

Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara

Dr. Guevara is the proponent and program leader of the ERDT (Engineering Research and Development for Technology) Program organized by a consortium of universities and colleges offering engineering courses. She also started in 2007 the Inter-disciplinary Signal Processing for Pinoys (ISIP) Program – a program that brings together researches from various disciplines to focus on the Filipino language and speech as it relates to education.

Dr. Raymund C. Sison

Dr. Sison started the investigation and improvement of Pair Programming – a collaborative approach to software design, programming, and testing that has been presented and used among ASEAN universities. He is also the founding president of the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP) that organizes the annual Philippine Computing Science Congress and provides seminars for teachers and students nationwide.

With these, we now know that three things are common among the awardees – exemplary qualities and characters, instructional competence and effectiveness, and professional and community involvement. These brief descriptions of the achievements of each of the awardees say only two things – THEY DESERVE IT and THEY REALLY ARE OUTSTANDING! So, if you want to be just like them, work and be involved, excel, and succeed.


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