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A Great Teacher

Andie Angelika L. Beltran
Third Year HS, Agusan National High School

Ms. Grace Mar - a typical high school teacher, whom I have shared my life with for the last seven (7) months- is a teacher with an undeniably strange character that attracts people.

With a cute round face, she proudly stands in front of the class like a strong tree firmly planted on the ground. Her face with a smile always painted on it would inspire you to listen to her. Her glistening eyes that say, “Come on, I know you can answer this” would always greet you during discussion.

She may be unstoppable when she opens her mouth to let go of all the wisdom buried deep within her but her thoughts are the reasons why everybody in class looks at her filled with admiration. Every sound from her mouth would seem like a lullaby from a mother to her children.

Single as she is and is only living with her mother and siblings, you can still feel that motherly side of hers every time she goes near you and asks, “What’s the problem?” Just the sound of her voice, makes the sun shine bright right at you. At that very moment, then you will know that someone will always be there whenever problems start pouring droplets of despair and sadness down at you.

“Hiding true feelings”. That is one area Ms. Mar is good at. She hides her feelings like a mouse trapped in a box, searching a way out and is eager to screech her heart out and tell the world all her hidden desires. She may greet you with a smile, but I know that somewhere deep within her she is hurt. She does not show any stain of problem on her face. Maybe because she wants us not to know. But how can we not know what our mother is feeling? Every child feels whatever a mother feels, whether it is happiness or pain.

At first glance, you might think she is a teacher concerned with grades and ranking or a teacher who enjoys seeing students suffer when it comes to school matters. But dig deeper and you will find, a person who offers to share her knowledge, not expecting an ounce of payment or return.

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