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Dream High

Jenefa Lucero Canoy
4th year High School, New Ormoc City National High School

Ever since I started schooling, I realized that the road to success is a rocky one. It's not always a smooth ride nor a happy face. There are unexpected twists and turns that made my world upside down but I didn't quit. They give me more reasons to strive harder and continue to face the challenges.

We all have ambitions and goals in life. We ought to decide for ourselves what road we want to take. Just remember that you should follow your heart, but bring your brain with you. And don't forget to ask HIM for guidance. Find what your heart desires but keep your feet on the ground. Always look at the bright side of every situation and bear in mind that everything happens for a reason.

If you feel that you are nothing compared to the people around you, then stop comparing yourself to them. If there's a person you should compare yourself with, then it is who you are yesterday. Focus on making yourself better rather than making yourself better than everybody else. In order for you to take that next step, you must be courageous in leaving one step behind. Just like crossing monkey bars, you have to let go of some points in order to move forward. 

They said that "dreaming is free". If you dream it, then you can do it. And you can do it, only when you wake up. So, get on your feet, take that dirt out of your eyes, rise and shine. Dream high!

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