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My Teacher, My Hero

Imee Borinaga

“Knowledge is power,” ~ Francis Bacon.

It is true that knowledge is power, but how can we attain knowledge? Is it purely from experience alone? Or could there be any reasons on why we gain knowledge?

Like a tree, we, humans also require help in order to grow productively. If a tree needs the SUN, WIND and RAIN in order to nurture then, humans need someone in order to have knowledge which leads to success. Behind all these, some persons contribute a lot to our developing society, they are our TEACHERS.

TEACHERS are our guide on what path to take in the future. Without them, we can’t gain our knowledge about some things that can’t be taught through experiences. They truly contribute a lot in making our society more successful. They vary in anything like: characteristics and their way of teaching. Some students hate their teachers just because they are strict and but some students like their teachers because their kind, understanding and they also teach students well. But did you know that without them we may be dull by now, worthless and makes hasty decision without proper thinking?

Teachers are our light. They lead us to the right path. They are our second parents and a parents’ responsibility is to think of his/her child’s future. We must also think that being a teacher is somewhat a hard duty to do particularly when you’re an already married teacher. You think many times on what you will do and how you will do it. At school, they face problems regarding their students and instead of taking a rest when they got home, they still go on with their unfinished works at school. It is very hard on the part of the teacher to face different problems regarding school and family but they look as if to overlook it because they prioritize their students first. It is our pleasure that we have given the opportunity to learn and we must be very grateful to our teachers, our mentors or our professors.

Teachers are our heroes, our mighty and courageous heroes who always save us from any harm. If there will be no teachers then, there would not also be professionals like doctors, nurses or lawyers. They are very significant to our society so we must be very thankful that GOD had given us teachers that will teach us lessons in school and also lessons in life. Success can’t be attained without knowledge and knowledge can’t be attained without the help of our teachers. Learning can’t be paid by money and same is true regarding our teachers’ love for us. We treated them as our heroes in lessons, heroes in life and as heroes in our hearts.

They have given us the chance to learn from our mistakes. If it were not for them, we can’t learn how to add, subtract, multiply or divide which are essential in our lives. They add joy to our lives and divide our sorrows. They fill the empty spaces of our hearts and they give us their full true love which we also treat as a love from our true parents. They are our heroes. And heroes should be praised due to their brave acts and good deeds. Heroism is the dazzling and glorious concentration of courage and they have the courage to teach us although we are naughty and mischievous.

Teachers are very important in our society. They should be recognized for their acts of heroism. Life is a test and this world is a place of trial. Always the problems- or it may be the same problem- will be presented to every generation in different forms. Just bear in mind that behind all these victory there is one and only person who helps you a lot and above all loves you, our almighty GOD.

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