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What Does it Takes to be a Good Leader?

Carl Patrick Sahagun Tadeo

A leader is a servant.

This is my personal mission statement, my philosophy and my creed. Because of this mission I found the essence of proactivity. I have the vision and the values to direct me in my leadership. I have the basic direction from which I always set my long- and short-term goals. This statement is a power of written constitution that is based on my own principle. A principle that I, will choose the best and do the right as I lead.

When I was still studying at Olongapo City National High School (OCNHS) I was then molded and shaped to be a leader. I was then a Supreme Student Government (SSG) Senator, President of the Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines, Director of the Interact- GENES Club supported by the Rotary Club of Downtown Olongapo, and News Editor of “THE ANCHOR”- the official student publication of OCNHS. These organizations developed me to be a good follower. For I do believe that a good leader is a good follower. That’s why I became a leader, and once I also became a follower.

Upon entering college, at Ramon Magsaysay Technological University- San Marcelino Campus, students trusted me though I’m still new in this institution. I am the future Class President of Bachelor of Secondary Education I, Business Manager of the College of Education, Arts and Sciences Student Body Organization (CEASSBO), Public Information Officer of the Quantum Aghamic RMTU Science Society, Auditor of the Sikat Filipino Club, the News Editor of “TECHNOSCRIBE”-the official student publication of RMTU-SM, and present Business Manager of Supreme Student Government.

The organizations that I have since high school were just reflections of my leadership ability and capability. When we talk about position there is one word that comes into my mind- RESPONSIBILITY. Leaders do have responsibility. They have the Response-ability. All have the ability to give his/her own response. And we choose to do the correct, right and the best response that we could have. The outcome then will be good performance and good product.

Before becoming a leader there are two ways to put ourselves in control of the situations. We can make a promise – and keep it up. Or we can set a goal – and work to achieve it. As we make and keep commitments, eve small commitments, we begin to establish an inner integrity that gives us the awareness of self-control and the courage and strength to accept more responsibility for our own lives. By making and keeping promises to ourselves and others, little by little, our honor becomes greater than our moods.

Always remember that you can buy a person’s hand, but you can buy his heart. The heart contains the enthusiasm, the loyalty. And you can buy his back, but you can’t buy his brain. The brain contains creativity, the ingenuity, his resourcefulness. These two only imply a certain thought “that we need to always treat our officer exactly as you want them to treat the people under them.”

Admission of ignorance is often the first step in education. How will you grow if you don’t let a teacher know at what level you are – by asking a question, or revealing your ignorance?  You cannot pretend long, for you will eventually find out.

One of the most important is to immediately admit and correct our mistakes so that they have no power over that next moment and we are empowered again. Don’t be afraid for them to know your wrong. It is a sign of strength. You can make it right and learn from it.

And lastly, real success is success with self. Success is not having material things, but mastery; you will have that victory over self. When you lead your colleagues it is not the beautiful words and praises that come from their mouths are important, nor that how much they know you. But the biggest success was that what you have done affect their life. I talked to someone and it is not me that he always remember, but the words that I told him and guess what he applied it and it became a great and real success. I touched his life and his heart.

In order to become a leader we need to be a servant, we lead for we know that we need to change something, we need to impart something and we need to be something.  It is not on what is behind us or before us, but it is within us. The potential to lead and develop ourselves was just steps in journeying life. For your mission is to attest a certain transformation. For we know that leaders are catalyst for change. We inhibit the fast-forward process.

A good leader then, make promises and set goals, treat others full of humility, admits that he is ignorant, admit and correct the mistakes and learn to find the real success with ourselves.

For a leader lead, shares, and serves…

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