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Be Real, Be Yourself

Mohammad M. Guiapar
Misamis Occidental National High School

From the day I was born, until now, I am who I am. And my family, friends, relatives, and even enemies – everyone around me defines who I am.

If you feel you don’t fit in, still, do not change. We live to show our real personality, to show who we really are. Always remember that don’t ever change just to be accepted by others. You do not exist for them. I’d rather choose to die than to live my life based on how others dictate it. I exist to follow my heart.

Most of the people nowadays are afraid to show their potentials. They don’t believe in themselves, in their authentic blood. They’re afraid because of other people, of what they would say. If I feel this way, I always say to myself, “Lucky at the end of the day, you’ll never be happy until you love yourself. Idolize first yourself before you idolize others and that would make you feel happy. People don’t stop making issues whether you do bad or good. Stand for what is right. Stand if you think you’re right.”

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